toscana 2010

Perfect combination of natural and man made, San Quirico d’Orcia is a charming setting for its beautiful fortresses and for its medieval churches, including the Collegiate Church and the Church of San Francesco.


toscana 2010

Few things, a pool of boiling steam, amazing and quiet valley, blue gulf: this is Bagno Vignoni, a charming corner of southern Tuscany.


View from the City Wall of Pienza, on the summerly dry Tuscany- Landscape and Mountains. (Some Lens Flares in the lower Part)

One of Italy’s most harmonic square, a fortunate synthesis of the Renaissance. The light Doom, the linear refinement of the Piccolomini Palace, the dimness of the municipality, the ocher of the Bishop’s Palace engraved with large windows, the red soaring tower and the spire of the cathedral carved with jewel well make a ‘units unsurpassed.



Home of Brunello can be the purpose of our visit because of the beautiful Fortezza, the monuments and the splendid views of Val d’Orcia.


The particular location on the ridge between Val di Chiana and Val d ‘Orcia has marked the history of the town of Montepulciano, also for its urban design. The landscape is made even more enjoyable by olive groves and vineyards and many natural aspects of the area as the chalky hills and cypresses that shape the landscape vertically.
The Town has acquired considerable importance due to the production of its noble wine: Nobile di Montepulciano, Sangiovese grape, of controlled and guaranteed origin.



After Montalcino, beautiful fortress of Siena asleep in the gray-green olive trees, find Sant’Antonio: a bell by a big cypress, a thousand years old and solemn building at the bottom of a quiet valley.



A red complex, lively and organic, inserted in nature and difficult course between ravines and patches of cypress. Oliveto reminds us of the Renaissance patterns and shows us, beyond the imagination of Sodom and del Signorelli, elegant flower pots, beautiful miniatures and excellently carved wooden objects.