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San Quirico D'Orcia - Horti Leonini

San Quirico in party with green gold. A showcase of excellence opens in the first weekend of December in the vicinity of the holiday of 8 for the prized oil novo San Quirico. For the duration of the exhibition stalls and degustativi enliven the village Siena also gladdened by itinerant folk performances. Throughout the period of the festival, the city restaurants will prepare menus with traditional recipes, while in the streets of Old Town local producers of oil, will set up a stand with braziers to offer visitors the bruschetta topped with fresh oil.


San Quirico D'Orcia - festa barbarossa

The historical re-enactment, which is celebrated on the third weekend of June in San Quirico d’Orcia, is a real dive in the Middle Ages. The episode where the party refers is the transition and remain in the territory sanquirichese in 1155 Frederick I of Hohenstaufen, known as Barbarossa. The event brings together a number of characters in period costumes representing the districts in which is divided San Quirico, that at the end of the parade through the streets going at the top of Leonini, place of contention for the races of the flag wavers and Arches . All this takes place accompanied by an intense sound and colors.
During the two days of festivities, medieval shows, falconry and medieval taverns with typical local gastronomy, in the four quarters.



The Bravìo of barrels is the challenge in all eight districts located along the city’s historic center, which is a painted cloth, by rolling the barrels of 80 kg each, along an upward path over a kilometer. The route of the race winds through the picturesque streets of the old town of Montepulciano until the arrival located in the churchyard of the Duomo in Piazza Grande. – See more at:



Dates back to far, far away Sunday, November 16, 1958 the first edition of the Festival of the Thrush at Montalcino. It is therefore a very special tasting event that will take place in the wonderful old Siena on the last weekend of October; the rich, very rich program includes not only tasting the famous roast thrushes, but also a challenge to the archery among the Districts of Montalcino, accompanied by historical parades with the splendid medieval costumes, Borghetto (white and red), Pianello (white and blue), Ruga (yellow and blue) and Labor (yellow and red).



The territory of the City is divided into seventeen contrade with the boundaries established in 1729 by the Proclamation of Violante of Bavaria, Governor of the City.
The Palio race is preceded by a procession (Historic Walks) which take part more than 600 participants representing the 17 contrade and institutions of the ancient Republic of Siena. The procession starts from the Cathedral Square in the early hours of the afternoon, and winds through some streets of the town before taking off in the Piazza del Campo.
The 10 contrade participating in the Palio race with a horse that they are assigned by lottery from a list of horses selected from those physically fit.



It takes place in the second weekend of May and provides a display of plants and flowers along the streets around the center of Pienza. At the event there are numerous exhibitors from all over Italy.
Usually the event “Pienza and the flowers” is accompanied by the opening of some extraordinary gardens in Pienza, Radicofani, San Quirico d’Orcia and Chianciano Terme. In Pienza you can visit the rooftop garden of the Palazzo Piccolomini and Sant’Anna in Camprena; Radicofani the park public Wood Isabella; San Quirico d’Orcia’s Leonini and the Rose Garden.


San Quirico D'Orcia - Horti Leonini

Musical events by artists of international standing in landscape contexts and monumental of undisputed value: between the various, the seventeenth-century Palazzo Chigi, the famous church Collegiate in San Quirico d’Orcia with its precious organ of 1607 and, for the first time, the ancient church of Corsignano and Palazzo Simonelli Santi in Pienza, places not usually open to the public, not to mention the incomparable view of the valley and the church of Poggio Vitaleta Manzoli, made famous by the films of Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator”, which will be the frame of the now traditional concert at sunrise. As always, the music is not the only ingredient of the Festival: an integral part of the program will also be cooking classes, which will delve into the theme of the traditional Tuscan cuisine and authentic wine tasting Orcia DOC rightly called “The wine world’s most beautiful “! So not only a feast for the ears, but also for other senses and an invitation to know not only the architectural, landscape and music, but also the gastronomic and oenological traditions that characterize deep in the identity of a unique land and precious.



In the first week of September to Buonconvento it takes place the Village Beer. International festival of small breweries that since 2006 leads to the Farm Piana the brewers from around the world.
You can sample the best Italian but also beers from Belgium, the United States, England, Canada and the Netherlands, with a special focus in the southern hemisphere, particularly on beers from New Zealand.
Scheduled tasting workshops with experts, unusual combinations with the Tuscan cigar, food stands, beershop, live music and performances by street artists.
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